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Polyvalley U-system panel solution


Polyvalley U-system panel is a new solution for polycarbonate sheet. The U-system panel is connected by the polycarbonate or aluminum connector with its own fastening systems and do not need to draw any hole for screw fasting on the sheet. Thus can warrant 100% water proof and dust proof. Polyvalley U-system panel is characterized by low cost, quick and easy installation, which makes it widely used in the roofing and the wall cladding with graphic or bending design.

Polyvalley U-system panel characteristics:
1) 100% water-proof and dust-proof.
2) Easy and lower cost installation.
3) Firm whole system can ensure longer service life time.
4) High load capability
5) No thermal expansion problem.

1)Agricultural greenhouse roofing and wall
2)Commercial lighting roofing
3)Plant roofing
4)Warehouse lighting roofing and wall
5)Stadiums roofing
6)Swimming pool roofing
7)Carport and awnings
8) Sound barrier
9)Indoor partition etc.

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