Polycarbonate multi-wall sheet
2-wall R-structure
3-wall R-structure
4-wall R-structure
5-wall X-structure
7-wall R-structure
10-wall double X-structure
Polycarbonate U-system panel
4-wall R-structure
5-wall X-structure
Polycarbonate Corrugated sheet
Multi-wall Corrugated sheet
Solid Corrugatged sheet
Waved sheet
Polycarbonate solid sheet
Ultrathin solid sheet
Universal solid sheet
Reinforced solid sheet
Anti-scratch solid sheet
Frosted solid sheet
Embossed solid sheet
Diffusion solid sheet
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Partner with Polyvalley, Your success is our success

Why partner with Polyvalley ?

1) Reliable and marketable products
Polyvalley is the leading polycarbonate products manufacturer in China. With rich experience of developing and manufacturing Polycarbonate sheets , Polyvalley’s products sell very well both in China and worldwide market. The feedback has proved reliability and marketability of the Polyvalley products. Distributing the Polyvalley products , you do not need to worry about the quality problem and troublesome after sale service

2) Continuous introduction of the new product which is hot in market
As the times is changing everyday , our engineer and marketing guys has always been watching the market closely and introduce the hottest and newest product to the market to ensure our resellers and distributors are on the frontline of VoIP market.

3) Wide range product line
Polyvalley’s products have coved the multi-wall flat sheet, solid sheet, curved sheet, U-system panel, click panel and so on. it will be easy for you to penetrate into other related business areas and satisfy all your customer’s needs

4) Competitive price
As a polycarbonate sheets manufacture with our own factory, we can (and have the ability) to give you the most competitive price. And we can give you the most powerful technique support and perfect after sales service. We hope can establish long term win-win cooperation relationship with you.

Who qualifies to be Polyvalley distributor?

1) Existing Polyvalley resellers who wish to enlarge the business and deepen the partnership with Polyvalley

2) Those whose core business is engaged in the Polycarbonate sheets. Meanwhile they wish to sell Polycarbonate products in full product line or large quantity on some certain products

What benefits you could get by reselling Polyvalley products

1) Discounted price by total order volume and protection for distributor
Polyvalley offers the distributor certain discount based on the total order quantity of a product, the more you buy the better discounted price you will get , as the distributor usually order in large quantity , we will protect your price in your region to ensure you benefit from large order and marketing efforts

2) Support for marketing in exhibition and other marketing ways
Polyvalley encourage resellers and distributors attend the local Polycarbonate related exhibitions. Polyvalley will share half charge of the booth and send someone to cooperate with the reseller in attending the exhibition with its own cost. The local new customers which is got during the exhibition will be transferred to the reseller or distributor.
Besides of the exhibition, Polyvalley also support other marketing ways for distributor in promoting Polyvalley brand in local market such as the ads on newspaper, magazine, TV, etc.

3) Possibility in OEM and ODM service
The MOQ for Polyvalley products on OEM and ODM service is 2000kgs, for the distributors whose order is over 2000kgs , we provide OEM service with your logo, customized function, and any others according to your requirements

4) Priority to get the Polyvalley new products information
For any new products that is to be introduced to the market in a few months, Polyvalley will inform the resellers and distributors in priority and provide necessary documents , spec for the resellers to prepare introducing to the market. Those resellers will have the priority to sell the new products at a discounted price.

5) Chance in participating the new product developing
For every new product development, Polyvalley will ask for the advise from distributors for the design on outlooking and function and will send demo samples to distributors for evaluation.

6) Free to use Polyvalley logo , certification and product picture.
Polyvalley resellers and distributors are free to use Polyvalley logo ,certification and product picture which copyrighted by Polyvalley.

How to be Polyvalley distributor

Please contact us via email to get our application form. The more detailed information you give us, the quicker to establish our partnership. We will response to your request with 24 hours at working time.

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