Polycarbonate multi-wall sheet
2-wall R-structure
3-wall R-structure
4-wall R-structure
5-wall X-structure
7-wall R-structure
10-wall double R-structure
Polycarbonate U-system panel
4-wall R-structure
5-wall X-structure
Polycarbonate Corrugated sheet
Mulit-wall Corrugated sheet
Solid Corrugated sheet
waved sheet
Polycarbonate solid sheet
Ultrathin solid sheet
Universal solid sheet
Reinforced solid sheet
Anti-scratch solid sheet
Frosted solid sheet
Embossed solid sheet
Diffusion solid sheet
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     Polyvalley Technology (Tianjin) Co.,Ltd. located in the Chinese Bohai Sea bay economic center Tianjin city and specializing in R&D, manufacturing and self-exporting of polycarbonate sheets (PC hollow sheet, PC solid sheet, Click sheet, Corrugated sheet ). Since establishing, Polyvalley ...[Details]
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PC multi-wall sheet
PC U-system panel
PC solid sheet
Multiwall corrugated sheet
Solid corrugated sheet
Multi-wall waved sheet
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